Open Space Yoga Teachers
Sandy Bothmer

Sandy Bothmer, M.Ed., found the answer to reducing the stress in her life in yoga. She became a student of yoga and eventually studied Creative Kids Yoga®, becoming a CKY teacher/trainer, a certified Kripalu Yoga teacher and a Professional Yoga Therapist (PYT500) studying Integrative Yoga Therapy and Functional Yoga. As a teacher/therapist, Sandy brings her teaching experience, attention to individual needs, and heart-centered approach to her sessions, creating a safe environment where somatic movement and the tools of yoga are explored and used to enhance her students’ lives on and off the mat.In addition, Sandy is a Reiki Master following the Usui tradition with a private practice in energy medicine, an integration of all her trainings. She works with adults and children, some with autism, ADHD, or anxiety issues.  Sandy presents workshops and residencies nationally related to her book Creating the Peaceable Classroom:  A 21st Century Wellness Guide for Teachers, Students and Parentsat educational conferences, schools, parent groups, and other venues.  She is passionate about helping young and old create inner calm and vitality for healthier, happier living!Learn more about Sandy’s work at

To schedule a private session or for workshop information write or call (603) 400-0899