For March classes listed below, contact Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt at https://www.stephanierutt.com or the Temple website at http://www.tolinterfaithtemple.org. She can be reached at stephanie.rutt@gmail.com or (603) 732-8345


Mystica Costa Rica – April Retreat

Hey Everyone!
Just a reminder about one of the fun things we offer at OSY every year.
We have 2 trips to Mystica Retreat in Costa Rica! Check it out!


The first one which is coming up soon is February 29th to March 7th with Missy. This one is FULL. Those lucky dawgs!😀

The second one is April 25th to May 2nd with Christy. This one is during April school vacation week… perfect for teachers! For more information contact Christy at cmsperrazza@gmail.com. Can’t wait to see you in sunny Costa Rica!🤩

February 29th to March 7th with Missy- FULL
April 25th to May 2nd with Christy- Openings available