About Open Space Yoga

Open Space  Yoga, located at 1617 Southwood Drive, Suite 200 [OSY is moving in February – check back for details regarding our new location] is a co-op of experienced, certified teachers who will be bending over backwards (literally) to teach that Yoga is truly for everyone and has an immediate effect on your life. Yoga may be a 5,000 year old science, but it has direct application to modern day-to-day living, and its benefits are needed today more than ever.

Yoga is not just for the flexible, it is adaptable to your individual needs and the benefits go way beyond the physical. Yoga is also for the emotions, the breath, the personality, and the mind, and changing one dimension changes them all. In these extraordinarily challenging times, yoga can help alleviate anxiety, high blood pressure, insomnia, chronic fatigue, depression, and many other conditions. It also builds confidence. When we are stressed, we cannot see clearly to find the solution to our dilemma. Yoga can get us unstuck.

Open Space Yoga currently offers a diverse array of classes.
Please check our calendar for specific class descriptions and special offerings throughout the year.

Class cost runs between $10/$20 and are set by individual teachers.

Please check with your teacher for her personal fee schedule and availability of  “Class Cards” and Gift Certificates.